Rest In Him

Jesus invites us to come to Him…to bring all our worries and our burdens and lay them down at the foot of the Cross and trust in Him.  In this world that is filled with sinful thoughts, words and actions we all end up with a large load of burdens…some we are meant to carry…others are not meant for us to carry yet we take them upon ourselves anyways.  Then we think we can carry these burdens around all by ourselves and everything will be alright.  One of the most prominent messages in the bible is that of surrender…to know and to believe that God can do more good things with troubles and burdens than we ever thought possible.  It starts with our ability to surrender and trust in the Lord.  May the peace of the Lord be with you.  Amen.

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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

(This photo was taken in June of 2013 while traveling in northern Colorado)


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Seek Him

Jesus Christ…He sacrificed Himself to save you.  No matter what has happened in your life, no matter what you have done or left undone…He is waiting for you with open arms, to pick you up, to forgive you and restore you.  He is ready to do that for you and for others in your life because He loves you and He loves them too.  Jesus Christ is the way…He is the only way to fellowship with God.  Amen.

The Way by Housefires

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“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

(This photo was taken in August of 2016 near Glacier National Park in Montana)

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Serve Those In Need

Food, shelter, clothing, clean water.  Basic needs…these should be readily available to all people.  The world was created with more than enough resources to provide for everyone…yet the sinful ways of all humans in all parts of the world has created shortages.  If we have our basic needs fulfilled, we should take inventory of how we can help others and then give our time and resources to help those in need.  Ask yourself, ‘how can I help?’…pray about it, do your best and God will take care of the rest.  Amen.

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“…And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

(This photo was taken in July of 2018 at a park near Bayfield, Wisconsin)

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It is hard to believe but truly anyone can be saved.  Yes, even that person in your life.  God’s grace is so much greater than our sins.  The bible is filled with examples of people who had so many and such hurtful sin in their lives that God forgives.  Read Jonah to see how much God will relent so that all people can be saved.  Find it in your heart to forgive and pray for that person in your life…let them see the light of Christ in you.  Amen.

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But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.”

Ephesians 2:4-5

(This photo was taken in June of 2016 at a lake place in northwestern Wisconsin)

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Be Humble

Treat others with respect…be willing and able to ask for help…be grateful…be patient.  When you are using your gifts to help and benefit others, they may say kind things to you and about you…give glory to God not yourself.  He created you and blessed you…give Him thanks for your blessings and be thankful for the courage to use your gifts.  The more we learn to be humble the greater we can be used by God.  May God’s peace be with you.  Amen.

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 For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Luke 14:11

(This photo was taken in August of 2016 at Sapphire Point near Dillon, Colorado)

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His Love Endures Forever

Trouble will come…we will experience suffering and loss in this world…yet we do not need to have fear and we do not need to be afraid.  We are loved by God with a love that is greater than anything we face.  Pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior and our Lord, meet with Him every day…He sacrificed everything to save you because He loves you and His love will endure forever.  Amen.

Forever by Michael W Smith

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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.”

Psalms 136:1

(This photo was taken in May of 2014 at a lake place in central Minnesota)

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Be Strong And Courageous

Meet with God daily.  Pick a time and quiet place for you to be with God.  He is our Creator…His Son is our Savior and He gives us the Holy Spirit as a guide for the darkness of this world.  God is with you and He loves you and wants good things for you and your life…be strong and courageous…turn towards God, trust Him and live.  Amen.

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“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

(This photo was taken in October of 2013 in a neighborhood near Plymouth, Minnesota)

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Holy Living

As we learn about Jesus and we read God’s Word, we find that the life God wants for us is not all about money…that message comes from sin and the world, that message is about selfishness.  To live a holy life doesn’t cost money, it is about who you are and how you treat others.  If you spend all your time comparing yourself to others and worried about what you don’t have you are setting yourself up to be miserable.  Trust God, listen to the words of Jesus and live as God’s Word has taught us to live.  May the peace of the Lord be with you.  Amen.

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Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you.  And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

Colossians 3:12-14

(This photo was taken in October of 2018 while on a walk in northwestern Wisconsin)

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What Matters Most

Belief.  In the Apostles’ Creed there are three statements that begin with ‘I believe…’  Those statements refer to God the Father, Jesus Christ His only Son and the Holy Spirit.  Faith is a journey and one of the first and most important steps on this journey is to face the question…What do you believe?  Your beliefs guide your values and your perspective and those will drive your words and your actions.  Every day is a new opportunity to feed your mind information about what you believe…no matter what your past has been…start or continue today to read the Word of God and what Jesus Christ said about life, love, faith and hope.  What matters most is what you believe.  May the peace of the Lord be with you.  Amen.

We Believe by The Newsboys

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“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Romans 10:9

(This photo was taken in June of 2018 at a lake near Plymouth, Minnesota)

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Rich In Love

No matter how far we wander off…God will invite us to come back to Him.  His grace…His mercy…His compassion is all encompassing.  Whatever your circumstances are…turn towards Jesus Christ…He died to save you and He is ready to walk with you.  Amen.

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The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.  The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.”

Psalms 145:8-9

(This photo was taken in August of 2016 while traveling through Mount Rainier National Park in Washington)

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