Friends and Friendships


I read a quote on a P.S I Love You poster hanging on the wall, it states:

“Friends are like a beautiful garden.  They require regular care.”

How true that is.  Friends are very much like a garden.

You could also add that you only get out of it what you put in to it!  A garden can be a beautiful thing to look at and bring joy to you and others.  If you spend time working on them every day.  You start by making sure they have a good foundation or growing environment.  You provide soil that is full of good nutrients and holds the moisture.  When you put in the flowers you need to give them space to grow.  Then there is the routine of watering and most importantly pulling out those stubborn weeds.  With regular care your garden can grow and prosper.

When I consider my friends and my friendships I would say that the ones I give the most “care” or time too are definitely the relationships that are doing the best and have grown the most.  In my best friendships I am aware that they have a good growing environment and are given space to change and grow.  I often attend to them with phone calls, emails or a text message.  Most importantly, I try to always be available when the “weeds” of life are becoming too difficult to deal with by themselves.

I have also learned that sometimes God brings friends into your life at just the right time to be messengers.  Some friends are only in your life briefly; they serve a purpose in God’s plan and move on while others are with you much longer.  God himself also wants to be one of your lifelong friends…all you would need to do for that to happen is give your friendship/relationship with God some regular care. 

Meet with him every day in a quiet and peaceful place or room…there are no rules regarding how long to do it and no right ways or wrong ways to meet with him…just find a place that feels right to you and talk to him…as I stated at the beginning…you will only get out of it what you put into it!  Talk to him, he is waiting to hear from you.

Peace be with you.

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