Mission Trip Day 3 – There is Hope

Today we met some kids we will be spending the week with in the mornings.  As we spend time with them daily, trying our best to be a light to those who may be living in a dark world.  They thrive on our positivity they glow when we sing songs with them and they get very excited when we work on crafts together.  We are there just to be with them and that is a ok with them.

Then we spent the afternoon at a “transformation” center.  This is a facility that provides food and shelter to those that have suffered to the point of losing everything.  It takes care of there daily needs and helps them learn skills in order to get their feet on the ground and begin a new life.  That is a place I see as truly making a difference in the community.  God is truly blessing those who work to create this type of change for someone who has suffered.  I pray for all the people we met today that they will feel God present in there life through the actions of others.

There is Hope……

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Living by faith and striving to know Him and to make Him known
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