Perspective and Attitude – Mission Trip “The Beginning”

We have ventured out again on a mission trip with senior high youth…this will be my third year of going on this adventure in faith.  This year is a new city, a new group of kids and some repeat participants.  The starting weekend we spend time “getting started” finalizing and adjusting logistics that can and can’t be controlled to the best of our ability and making our way to our destination.  It takes a shift is perspective and attitude to process through some of these issues.

As questions and issues arise you need to be solution oriented and trust that no matter what God will be holding you through it all.  As always, the opportunity to get away from the day to day concerns and issues of everyday life and just focus on your relationship with God and others gives me such a sense of peace.

The youth and adult leaders that I am blessed to be with on this trip are amazing individuals and I can’t imagine my life before these trips…I never knew what I was missing.  We can look at a situation like a traffic jam, which on an ordinary day would cause frustration and anxiety as we now knew we were going to be arriving late for our schedule but the shift in attitude and perspective the kids took was to make friends with people in the other cars on the road.  They were waving and yelling Hi out the window and few people rolled down the window and chatted with us about where we were going.

A positive attitude and a perspective that we are here to help and serve others in the community that is the way we are trying to live and hopefully we can bring that home with us when we return.

Please pray for us and our journey this week!

Peace be with you.




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