It Matters – Mission Trip “Serve Wherever You Are”

It is Thursday of Mission trip week and we are living full throttle for Christ!  The message for today can be summed up quite simply…do whatever you can, whenever you can, wherever you are.  Your act of service or kindness does matter, even if you don’t have direct interaction with the receiver of your action.  We should strive to include acts of service and kindness in our lives daily.  If you don’t feel like this is part of your life right now, start small.  Change one thing in your routine that is not about you.  Start out once a week or whatever you can do.

My service group spent 4 hours today loading a 53′ semi trailer full of medical supplies including beds for transit that will be sent overseas for people with little or no medical facilities so they can get the medical attention they need.  The organization that coordinates this effort is run by 20 full-time staff and 15,000 volunteers.  The vast majority of the volunteers will never encounter the individuals who benefit from the supplies being available but that doesn’t lessen the impact of their work…it is still necessary.  This activity was not on our schedule this week originally but we were asked to do this instead of our planned event after a different group was unable to make it and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of the week.

Whatever you are able to do for others is important and it does make a difference…believe it and do something whenever you can…wherever you are.


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