Mission Trip – Version 4

It is another new year, we have a new city to serve and a mix of youth who have been serving every year along with some energetic new comers.  As I have stated in the past there is no better way to experience growth in faith then to spend a week focusing on only 1 thing…serving people in need with youth and other adults of faith.  We laugh together, sing together, tell stories and we cry together.  This week will be similar and yet very different.  We arrived this evening, we have been welcomed by people everywhere we have stopped.  I look at this trip with mixed emotions…the core group of young people I have been traveling with the last 4 years is on there last trip together.  We have grown in faith so much and every year when we get home it is always so hard to maintain the momentum.

I strive to focus only on the positive of even having the experience in the first place rather than worry about what happens after…God walks with us everyday no matter where we are in life and in the world.  These trips are great training for being able to focus on looking for where God is at work in your life.  It is one thing to know about God which is how I spent the majority of my life…but to truly know him is a whole different deal.  It is a relationship full of joy, peace, comfort and contentment.  I am looking forward to seeing how he shows up this week and I pray that I can be a light to others.  Please pray for our group.


About mcalcagno

Living by faith and striving to know Him and to make Him known
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