Mission Trip – Reflections

I am ending the week just as I began it…mixed emotions.  On one hand we have served for a week in Denver and met some great people.  We learned about life stories and how people in need are no different than any other…we are all people.  For some kids this week will make a lasting mark and spark to their spiritual journey, however, it appears for other kids this was just a week away with friends and we did some cool stuff.

My greatest reflections are these…a person’s attitude in life no matter what circumstances they living in is the number one indicator of future success.  Not success by the world’s standards but measured more by a personal scale.  Secondly, practicing your faith and prayer are the best ways to live, breathe and engage in a relationship with God.  Neither of these is earth shattering or mind blowing…they are simple, straightforward truths.  Yet they seem so difficult for some people to grasp and then do.

Please pray for our youth and community and we begin the journey home tomorrow.  I hope my presence has made a difference to others this week and I pray that we have made an impact in the life of those we encountered.

Peace be with you.

About mcalcagno

Living by faith and striving to know Him and to make Him known
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