An excellent description of Oh How He Loves Us…


The dance

  • A dream

I pick my best dress out; a lovely light blue colored chiffon dress. It is fits perfectly. I wear white sandals; I wear perfume as well, a light fresh fragrance. My outfit is just perfect and so is the weather. My heart skips a beat as I think of Him, I hope I don’t miss a step while dancing with Him! I shudder at the very thought. I have been practicing and we are meeting down at the beach to watch the sunset and to dance. I am excited, off I go.

There is a bounce in my step, I am in love. There is warm breeze blowing, then, I see Him, He is walking towards me. He smiles, I smile, our eyes lock everything around me seems to disappear and He is all I see. “Thank you for coming,” I say nervously as we embrace…

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