Show Compassion To One Another

Everyone has troubles…everyone is fighting a battle most of us know nothing about.  Don’t assume the worst in others…don’t assume the thoughts, words and actions of others are all about you.  Have mercy, show compassion and pray about your interactions with others.  We were all created by God…all of us, and He loves every one of us.  We all are broken and Jesus died to save us from our sins.  Give your best to one another and shine the Light of Christ’s love to each other…even when we don’t think others deserve it.  Amen.

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And the word of the Lord came again to Zechariah:  “This is what the Lord Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.  Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other.”

Zechariah 7:8-10

(This photo was taken in October of 2018 at a lake near Plymouth, Minnesota)