In God’s Hands

The bible often makes references to God the Creator as the potter and we are the clay.  I tend to forget that we are in his hands every day and he is working for the good in our lives and even when things are marred and scratched or broken, God is still at the wheel and has re-creative power to help shape and mold us into something better.  We were not made to formed once and put on a shelf…God wants us to be engaged in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ…and not to worry because He is holding us in His hands.  May God’s peace be with you.

DSC_1506 publish

“Yet, O Lord, you are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

Isaiah 64:8

(This photo was taken in August of 2016 in Arches National Park in Utah)

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