Prayer And Listening

As we work to grow in our relationship with Jesus, we may begin to focus on offering ourselves up in prayer.  To most of us when we think about prayer we thinking of speaking, however, as we can learn from our relationships with others, listening is a vital yet little used characteristic in the world.  Every strong relationship involves communication two ways.  Speaking and offering up your words and support verbally and then also taking time to sit quietly and listen.  I have been doing my reading and devotions in the early morning for several years and I choose that time for me because the world is very still and quiet in my life in the early morning and I have found I can truly meditate on God’s Word and let it soak into to my soul.  I start each day speaking and listening with the Lord and it sets my perspective and attitude for good things.  Seek the Lord and listen for His voice.  May God’s peace be with you.

DSC01214 publish

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27

(This photo was taken in April of 2016 at sunrise at a lake place in central Minnesota)

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